Happy Owners:  2012

Abby Krablin


Dutch Collins



Lucy Lang


Paxton Ashbaucher


Ace Staten



Baby Kate


Thunder Russell




Magnum and Harley Wiles



Tank Payne


Coco Ann McVay


Deuce Beene


Buford Vaughan


Drake Ottinger


Addy Barnes

Nya Sparrenberger


Harley Wiles

IMG_0288.mov  (video of Harley)

IMG_0456.mov   (video of Harley)

IMG_0458.mov   (video of Harley)

IMG_0594.mov   (video of Harley)

IMG 0588.MOV  (video of Harley)

IMG 0609.MOV  (video of Harley)

 IMG 0611.MOV (video of Harley)

(Mag on left Harley on right)



Winston Tilley

Winston - Obedience - YouTube  (copy the following link and paste in your browser)



Django Yetto



Magnum, GiGi, and Gypsy Lock


Maddie Davis


Hershey Haze Garrett



Chewie Spear


Rider Dekker

Subj: Rider @ 4 months
My boyfriend Jordan got a lab puppy from you in July and I could not be happier with this pup. He is so easy to train, best in his class, and is the most loveable dog. Everyone who meets him always comments on his kind disposition. I love him dearly. Just wanted to share with you a picture I took yesterday in celebration of his 4 month birthday.

Kim Dekker



Sable May


Attached are some recent pictures we have of Sable. Actually, a couple of the pics were taken this evening as today is Sable's 3rd birthday. Sable has been such a joy to us and we can not imagine our life without her. Thanks so much for sending her our way!

Mike and Courtney


Roxy and Ripley Valovich

Hi Mrs. Southerland,

I wanted to let you know how the puppies are doing and share a picture of all of our dogs. They are doing great, Roxy is a very sweet loving dog who likes to relax. Ripley is sweet too and she LOVES to play all the time. It's been fun watching their personalities come out. The old dogs, Shadow and Sugar, have been teaching the puppies how to behave. We are so thankful to have the puppies. They are wonderful dogs that aim to please and are incredibly smart and loving. We're looking forward to having many happy years with the puppies. I hope you all are doing well!

Rachel Valovich



Goldie Kimbrough


Crosby Marley


Honey Bee Whit


Stella Kindy


Gunner Newcomb

From: a.kyne@aol.com
To: kaacdsgk@aol.com
Sent: 11/27/2012 9:40:13 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Gunner
Hope your Tuesday has been off to a good start.
we purchased a puppy from you June 2011,I believe. My son Cain has been asking me to get in touch with you guys and let you know Gunner is the "best dog a boy could have!" He is right on Cain's heels EVERYWHERE he goes ( even ball games...ughhh)
We are so pleased with him and his willingness to work. He still acts like such a puppy so we were reluctant to use him this year, thinking another year would be best, but when our other lab was stolen in August (after passing grands in May) :(, we had to use Gunner opening weekend this year. His first hunt and he did SUPER!! We are so tickled with him and thank you so much for putting the time into breeding and bloodlines for such a wonderful dog!

On behalf of,
Cain Newcomb


Cruise Montgomery

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