Happy Owners:  2013

Nilla Hamilton


Harley Wiles

3-12-13.mov  (video)


Gator Wiles



Rider Dekker


Maddie Wooters


Paxton Ashbaucher


Farmers' Trio of Grandview puppies


Cody Brooks' Grandview puppy



Lucy Lang


Allie Grace Messer


Maci Hickey


Belle Richmond


Echo Bradley


Avery Brown


Storm Ellison


Frank Cavanaugh


Riley Spann


Lucky Stanley


Stella Kindy


Snickers High


Murphy Minor


Mitti Strickland

Here's a couple of photos of Chabecca's Lovely Black Mittens (aka:  Mittie).   She's been a joy to

train and is enjoying her first hunting season in Southwest Alaska.


Gypsy Norwood


Zac Burton


Josh Atkins' Male


Lucky Weyrens


Bowker puppy


Winston and Willow


Mickey Perkins


Cocoa Ann McVay


Roxy Armstrong


Major Gossett


Gunner Kyne


Murphy Pafford

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