About us:

Southerland's Grandview Kennel is owned and operated by Darlene

and Dr. Jon Southerland.  Darlene has been breeding, raising, caring for

 and selling Labrador Retrievers since 1975.  Jon has been a

practicing veterinarian since 1970.  Their business philosophy is

to produce Labrador Retrievers that are sound physically, learn and

train easily, and are capable of performing competitively.  Several areas

must be monitored continuously to accomplish this.  Overall physical

health must be maintained by providing adequate nutrition and freedom

from parasites and disease.  Breeding soundness must be continuously

strived for by selecting and culling against defects related to

genetic makeup.  Proven performers need to be added to the brood stock

whenever possible. 


Overall physical health of the animals -

When you come to select a puppy, you expect it to be able to play

and learn and grow.  Good health in puppies is the result of keeping the

brood stock healthy. 

All are given heartworm prevention monthly, given annual

vaccinations for all common canine diseases and rabies.  They

are checked regularly and wormed, if needed, for intestinal parasites

and kept free of external parasites such as ticks and fleas.  Each

puppy is wormed on a weekly basis beginning at 10 days of age and

continued until they leave the kennel or until 16 weeks of age if

they are being kept as replacement breeding stock.  Each animal is

provided a diet balanced to their needs whether growing, lactating,

breeding or recuperating from a litter of puppies.  Pens are cleaned

twice daily, or sometimes more often, to insure sanitary conditions

and a clean, healthy environment. 


Breeding Soundness -

Almost all of our brood stock males and females have been x-rayed

and evaluated to determine if they have hip or elbow dysplasia. 

Their x-rays  have been submitted to and certified by the Orthopedic

Foundation for Animals (OFA) to have sound hips and elbows except

for a few of the younger females that do not yet meet the OFA

requirements for certification due to their age.  Most of these younger

females have had preliminary x-rays taken that appear to be sound and

will be certified as soon as they are old enough.


Proven Performance -

Our breeding program is heavily centered around HRCH Grandview's

 Gator Point Tyler, or just "Tyler".  He is now deceased.  Tyler was a

chocolate Labrador that weighed about 100 lbs.  He was trained and

competed on the United Kennel Club (UKC) field trial circuit earning

enough points to be a Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) before he

 was 2 years of age.  He sired many puppies that have been trained

and proven capable of learning fast and training well with a seemingly

natural ability to hunt and to retrieve as well as follow  obedience

 commands.  Tyler's granddaughters are used now in our breeding



The other primary sire is Grandview's D.V.M., or "Doc", who is a yellow

male, weighing about 80 lbs.  He has many field trial champions in his

pedigree and probably the best pedigree of any dog we've had.  He has

been trained and is very capable.  His puppies, mostly yellow and black,

tend to have excellent body confirmation,  and are very eager to please.

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