Pictures from Happy Owners:  Through 2011


Ace, GRHRCH- Owned by Aaron Morris

Mrs. Southerland,  I just wanted to let you know that my dog Ace, Vickie's Spade Ace in the Hole, is now a GRHRCH!  I bought him from you in Nov. of 2003, he is out of Doc and Grandview's Ebony Lady.  He just got his second pass at the fall Grand in Iowa, he was handled by Scott Barnette.  I just thought you would like to know that Doc has produced a Grand Champion, not sure if it is his first, but still a great accomplishment in my book!
Thanks, Aaron Morris


Congratulations to you and Ace!!!!  He may be the first Grand Champion out of Doc.  Jon will be proud to know his baby"Doc" has produced a champion.  Send us pictures so we can post on our web-site if you don't mind. 
Congrats again,


Andrea and Shelby 2008

Avery Brown -



Avery Brown and her sister, Ava Theiss -


Ava Theiss -



Champlin's Chocolate Magnum -




Abby Borchardt -



Scott Johnson -

Aimee Lasater


Chief Hutton -

Mike Murphy with "HRCH" Chase -



Naaman Burton


Molly Peng, Salt Lake City



'Dutch' and Brandon, Portland, Oregon


Addison Grace, Pine Bluff, AR




Molli Jones


Abby Brown


Jersey Brooks


Dolly Schneider


Avery Spann


Scoobert Spann


Sable May

  Attached are some recent pictures that we have taken of Sable.  The picture with her licking the cake is her 1st birthday, which was September 11.  This past year has been great having her and we are looking forward to many more with her.  Words can not describe how much she is loved around here.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves her and enjoys watching her ride the four-wheeler with us.  She is the talk of the neighborhood.  My girlfriend teaches at a local elementary school and has a second grade student that will not stop talking about Sable.  He has autism and is very interested in pets. Everyday she will tell me that the little boy says things like, "Sable red collar" and "Sable black dog."  He will ask her everyday, "Where Sable come from?"  He is now able to answer his own question by saying, "Sable come from Arkansas."  Sable does not only touch our hearts, but those of others around us.  She is very special and we thank you so much for sending her our way. 
Mike May


Sam and Max Hawkins

Leo Keaton


Duke Sellars - Cove, AR


Cal Peeler

Carly Holbert


Chip Farmer



Maddie Grigsby


Kate Barton


Gunner Scnebly


Tazman Strever


Max Wadsworth


Millie and Paisley Penfield


Bella Sowell


Sophia Martina




Doc and Lucy Rowley


Coby Britton


Mylee Jade Ferricher


Paxton Ashbaucher


Russell puppy


Maddie Davis



Magnum Huhn


Abby Bonner

"My first hunt"

Abby Bonner and Molly Bonner



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